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MLO Sample Pack 1 - Commercial License

The commercial license, allows you to make use of any of the 78 loops from MLO Sample Pack 1 in your commercial productions without the need for further permission from me, or to credit me in any way.

$9.95 USD

78 stereo samples (24bit, 44.1 kHz)

183 MB (.zip)


Terms of the Commecial License:

  1. The commercial license for MLO Sample Pack 1 extends only to the original purchaser.
  2. The license only grants the right to use the loops within the context of music production. The loops may not be used within the context of a commercial sample library.
  3. This license is non-transferable and can not be re-sold.
  4. By completing the PayPal transaction, the purchaser denotes acceptance of the terms of this license.


  • please keep your PayPal receipt as proof of your purchase (I'll keep a copy, too).
  • besides for the license governing its use, the CC licensed and commercial licensed versions of MLO Sample Pack 1 are identical

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