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An award-winning artist whose work has appeared on Discovery Channel and in National Geographic Asia’s “Koxinga: A Hero’s Legacy,” MoShang is an increasingly in-demand soundtrack composer-producer. He has been calling Taiwan home ever since he left his native South Africa in 2003. Recipient of an Avanti Craft award for original music for the short film “Angels in a Cage,” his influences range from Downtempo to Nu jazz, with subtle Asian and World influences. Listeners around the globe enjoy the chill atmospheric sounds that have become the hallmark of MoShang’s style.

Discover MoShang online through his Live Online Podcast, in which he shares one of his live performances each week as a free download. You’ll quickly realize why he has been dubbed a “sound jeweler,” as you groove to the radiant energy inherent in his compositions.

He has released six full-length albums and an EP and has been featured on a host of compilation and collaboration albums. His track “Invocation” was distributed with the 9.04 version of the Ubuntu OS.

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  • Hello MoShang,

    Maybe you know about me and my “What’s Happening In Tokyo” podcast via the Podsafe Music Network. I am a long-time fan and have played your great music on my podcast a few times. Well, I’m just writing to tell you that I played “Missing Pages Soundtrack” on a big podcast here in Tokyo. I did my best to promote you and I mentioned you and both artists that created the track. I also mentioned all the website addresses connected to you that I could. I hope this gets you some more exposure. Here is the info to the podcast:

    The MetPod is the companion podcast to the free, number 1, English city magazine in Tokyo:
    (Your introduction and song is 1 hour and 3 minutes in.)

    The magazine:

    The host is the famous DJ, Kamasami Kong:

    Kindest Regards,

    Comment | October 26, 2007
  • Jelmer

    Hey man,
    I’m about the buy myself an eee pc and use reason with it, so I read your article:

    But did you hear of the ASIO4ALL driver? Can you try this one out on your eee pc (without the behringer soundcard) and see what the latency with reason is? I think you’ll be surprised! And I’m very cusious what the result is.

    Comment | January 3, 2009
  • Jelmer

    In addition to the previous post:
    On my quadcore desktop computer the latency went from 40 ms to 2 ms!

    Comment | January 3, 2009
  • Hello,

    I used the opening (the first 30sec) of “And She Swung” for a small homemade video, although with a “twist”. It can be seen and heard here:

    If you do not agree upon such use I will remove it asap, but it is really pretty harmless I think..

    I like your music by the way, downloaded both Asian Variations and the samples from Chill. Thanks!


    Comment | April 24, 2009
  • moshang

    Hehehe, harmless but WEIRD! Go for it.

    Comment | April 24, 2009
  • I’d like to recast your mixes on in the future. I’d like back of course if that’s cool let me know. Also, do you have any plans to release the elements that were used in the mixes. I think if you could get each artists permission to do that it would be a lot of fun.

    Comment | May 10, 2009
  • moshang

    Absolutely Jeff, your welcome to recast these mixes – three cheers for syndication! Actually, I hadn’t thought as far as releasing sample packs, but it’s an excellent plan – though some of the material is off commercial sampling libraries and can’t be used, I’m free to release my original material and it might be a good idea to release a sample pack for every 10 shows or so.

    Comment | May 10, 2009
  • Ariane

    Hi Moshang,

    as I love your music I’d like to use your song “Big Love” for a TV documentary I’m producing for German TV.
    – May I ask for your permission to broadcast your song in our TV science programme?
    – If yes I want you to get your licence fees so I would need a labelcode (LC) number of your Record Label that I can write down in my music registration sheet. Does your record label has a LC number? Or do you know which label is importing your CDs to Germany?
    Many thanks and best wishes,

    Comment | May 11, 2009
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  • Lynn

    I just wanted to let you know that you’re awesome! I really enjoy listening to your music and I love what you do. Taichung is my home and I’m glad you’ve made it yours as well! Keep the good music coming!

    Comment | October 15, 2009
  • moshang

    Hey Lynn, thanks so much for the comment – I’m not going anywhere :^)

    Comment | October 15, 2009
  • I love your music. It matches our Chinese Garden atmosphere. The sound is fresh and evocative. It suits the cultural environment in a Ming Dynasty Scholars House in the middle of the bustling city of Vancouver B.C. Canada.

    Comment | October 26, 2009
  • Hey Moshang! Been a while since I e-mailed you. Dead computer, life drama, etc. Anyway glad to see you have a third pack out, I haven’t finished downloading it yet but I’ve already paid for the license! I’m also happy that you have a commercial loop pack out, I will check that out!

    Comment | August 21, 2010
  • moshang

    Thanks for the support, Brandon – happy producing with SP3!

    Comment | August 21, 2010
  • David Schöbl

    Hello, I would like to use some your CC music in my movie – kung fu hustle like. It is just noncomercial student movie. Do you agree? It will be like 8 minutes long, so I will use just parts of the song if you’ll allow.

    Looking forward your (hopefuly positive) reaction,
    David Schöbl

    Comment | October 26, 2010
  • moshang

    You’re more than welcome to. Actually, the charm of CC licenses is that you don’t even have to ask for my permission – I’ve already granted permission in choosing a CC license. For your purposes, look for music that doesn’t have “no-derivitives” or nd in the license. Unfortunately the old Music Sharing License that I used for Asian Variations is an nd license (syncing music to video counts as a derivitive). You’re welcome to use anything from the Live Online Podcast, or anything that’s available as a free download on the Downloads page. There’s a good breakdown of the different CC licenses here:

    Comment | October 26, 2010
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