Live Online #147: Holding Pattern

Full geek alert! My DIY Ableton Live replacement project is coming along nicely I’ve built up a collection of audio solutions for the Arduino platform which include an Adafruit Wave Shield, two Rugged Audio Shields, a WTV020SD module, along with a couple of mini clip mp3 players which I’ve bent to be controlled by the Arduino. While I find the sound from the combination of these options acceptable, none of them has given me cd quality audio yet. So, I’m very excited to join beta testing for a new WavePro shield form Majenko. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Enjoy Live Online #147: Holding Pattern
Playlist: (1)Andromeda (2)Etch (3)Fiji (4)Angola (5)Final (6)Benin (7)Gold (8)Caelum
All tracks written, produced and performed by MoShang.
This recording was made at Starport Omega (Second Life) on October 10th, 2012.
Download the complete mix. [FREE]Standard Quality (128kbps MP3)

Download in High Quality (256kbps MP3 or CD quality FLAC) [$1.33]

This set is made available under the following Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Taiwan (more details)


  • Ewald

    Wow, that is quite a menu of shields. I’m still Shruthi-ing along. Yellow magic done, and got most parts for Polivoks. Will be a soldering weekend soon again!

    Comment | October 12, 2012
  • moshang

    Ha, once you pop you can’t stop! Ooo, envious of your quickly growing collection of Shruthis. I’m itching to build another, but I’ve abandoned my plan of building a Shruthi into my creambox for now. Mainly because the project box I bought is too small ;^P By the way, I’ve already upgraded from the Arduino Uno to a ChipKIT Max32 – I figure I’ll need the extra horsepower to power through my highly un-optimized baby code.

    Comment | October 12, 2012

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