Live Online #149: Mistletoe

I’m still applying final tweaks to Suncake Lounge Vol.2, but the end is so close now, I can smell it! Now comes the part I find most stressful – coming up with a release strategy! So many options to choose from these days – trying to find a label to put the album out there, working with a label for distribution only, going the totally independent CD Baby route, all the way up to giving the album away for free. Choices, choices, and it always seems to be a shot in the dark either way.

Coming up after SCLv2, I intend to work with singer Sonja V. on her EP. We’ve worked on a couple of projects together in the past and it was great to reconnect on SCLv2.

Enjoy Live Online #149: Mistletoe
Playlist: (1)Scenery (2)Rooted (3)Rafael (4)Quadratura (5)Pundjel (6)Orbit (7)Romania (8)Odalis
All tracks written, produced and performed by MoShang.
This recording was made at Fleure’s Enchanted Corner (InWorldz) on December 10th, 2012.
Download the complete set.
Standard Quality (128kbps MP3)
High Quality (256kbps MP3)
Lossless (CD quality FLAC)


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