Live Online #153: Offworld

People seem to be enjoying the Groovesizer project and I mentioned that I might want to print a pcb for it and make it into a kit. Along the way, I started playing with other synths and drumbox designs for the arduino, so I decided to design a pcb that would work not only with the Groovesizer, but a couple of other designs too. I hope to keep costs down and make it an interesting proposition for other DIYers out there Basically, the board has 32 tactile buttons, each with an LED, 6 potentiometers, an integrated hackduino, and the option to use either pwm with an amp for audio output, or an 8-bit dac . I sent the design off to China to have a couple of prototype pcb’s fabricated, and I’m very excited to see the result. Hopefully I didn’t mess up too badly somewhere along the way. I’ll keep you posted.

Enjoy Live Online #153: Offworld
Playlist: (1)Wyndham (2)Volatile (3)Uruguay (4)Taiwan (5)Spider Monkey (6)Reboant (7)Quadratura (8)Pablo
All tracks written, produced and performed by MoShang.
This recording was made at Ce Soir (Second Life) on March 7th, 2013.
Download the complete set.
Standard Quality (128kbps MP3)
High Quality (256kbps MP3)
Lossless (CD quality FLAC)


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