Live Online #22: Nagtegaal

This one turned out to be quite a funky little number. I created some new elements for this set that you can hear in the first 15 minutes or so. The set is subtitled Nagtegaal (Nightingale) since I sang a bit more than usual, recycling some vocals from my old Afrikaans language Duusman band.

I’m also gearing up to performing live with Kou Chou Ching again this coming Friday. This time we’re performing in my hometown of Taichung, but at a club I’ve not been to before. Speaking of Kou Chou Ching, copies of the Unsung Heroes album are on sale at CD Baby.

Enjoy Live Online #22: Nagtegaal

This recording was made at Substance (Second Life) on August 16th, 2009.


Alternatively, listen to Live Online #22 via (128kbps mp3 – medium quality).

Download this mix for US$ 1.33 (256kbps mp3 – highest quality):

This mix is made available under the following Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 Taiwan (more details)


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