Live @ The Big Question (Taipei)

The Big Question Party

The Big Question Party

I’ll be performing live in Taipei again this coming Saturday at the party to The Big Question conference with Kou Chou Ching and Chang Jui-chuan. Jui-chuan and I have been looking forward to performing Freedom Zen together for a long time, so this should be great. I’m also looking forward to hearing Lee Chun perform – should be cool to swap some ideas, and maybe we can even fit in a bit of a jam.

I’ve been asked to do some kind of audience participation, and to that end I’ve been having a look at Ableton Live again. I got a good deal on a Lite Version of Live (M-Audio Enhanced Edition) a while back, but didn’t explore a fraction of Live’s possibilities then. Having spent quite a bit of time with it this week, a whole world of live DJ’ing has suddenly opened itself up to me. I’m very much a novice still, but I think I’m on the right track. The plan is to sample the audience and throw some of these samples into the mix – fun, if a little scary ;^)

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