The Big Question – update

Thanks to Chuang Tyng-Ruey for the photos (used under CC Attribution license).

Nice! The Big Question performance went pretty much as planned. I was very impressed by the sounds Lee Chun coded up in real-time using Pure Data, and I hope we can do something together in the future. I did a twenty-minute solo set before being joined first by Chang Jui-chuan and then Kou Chou Ching. I love how adding more performers to the mix bumps up the energy levels. People were on their feet and dancing for Freedom Zen, so a nice first live performance there for Jui-chuan and me. And speaking of bumping up the energy levels, Kou Chou Ching really let rip! My big thanks to Jui-chuan, Fan-chiang, Fish Lin, and DJ J-little. We had a small meeting before the show and solidified some plans for a joint album featuring Kou Chou Ching, Chang Jui-chuan, DJ Point and myself to be released around June 2009 – watch this space.

The part I was most nervous about was doing the Ableton Live mix – live in front of people.¬† Before the show I’d gone around recording random audience members, asking them to give me small sound bites to use in the mix. By the time I got to do the live mix, the audience had shrunk considerably¬† and remaining audience members had had ample helpings of the Free Beer (ie. brewed according to a CC licensed recipe) – I was very relieved to have the pressure released somewhat. I thought the live mix sounded pretty cool, thank you very much. Keeping in mind how I’ve been at it for less than two weeks. Unfortunately the recording I made didn’t amount to much, so I took some time yesterday to recreate the mix using the same sample-pool. What you hear is 95% the Live mix with about 5% sweetening added because I couldn’t resist. I think it’s pretty cool to zone out to.

You can listen to the whole mix and download a copy from the SoundCloud player below.

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