Live Online #143: Torn

I had an unpleasant experience doing a real-world performance some months ago where Windows 7 decided to do an update right as I was about to start my set. Somehow the Novation Nio’s midi driver got borked in the process and I ended up having to do the 4 hour set with no wind controller 8^/ Although it wasn’t Reason’s fault, I’ve been looking at my existing hardware to replace it as tone generator with the WX-5 wind controller. So, after scratching my head for months for a way to get my Shruthi-1 to respond to breath control, I thought I’d just plug the WX in and see what it does. It turns out that although I could find no mention of the fact in the documentation, the Shruthi-1 responds to breath control (MIDI cc2) out of the box. Bonus! Breath appears to be hardwired to filter cutoff. I’m still experimenting, but you can hear my playing the Shruthi-1 via the WX-5 all over this set. Enjoy!

Enjoy Live Online #143: Torn
Playlist: (1)Oman (2)Peru (3)Qatar (4)Suriname (5)Taiwan (6)Romania (7)Uruguay (8)Venda
All tracks written, produced and performed by MoShang.
This recording was made at Starport Omega (Second Life) on June 7th, 2012.
Download the complete mix. [FREE]

Standard Quality (128kbps MP3)

Download in High Quality (256kbps MP3 or CD quality FLAC) [$1.33]

This set is made available under the following Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Taiwan (more details)

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