What Comes Around – a self-remixing album for Android smartphones

I have just released a new full-length album called What Comes Around. It exists only as an app for iPhone and Android, and it remixes itself on every listen. Listeners also have the option of  turning on the microphone and letting the app mix in environmental sounds. Have a listen to the free version doing its thing below.

What Comes Around [Free] – First Iteration by MoShang

For iPhone and other iOS devices, first download the free RjDj host app. Both the free and full versions are available as additional download from within RjDj. Alternatively, get the free version or the full version from the RjDj website.

For Android, get the 5-song free version from the Market here, and the 14-song full version here.

Your thoughts and suggestions are most welcome!

Here’s a video of What Comes Around doing its thing on a walk in the park.

I’ve managed to thank two of them in person on this forum, but again a huge thanks to the creators of the free software that makes this album possible, Miller Puckette (Pure Data), Peter Brinkmann (libpd), and Chris McCormick (PdDroidParty). I’ve left details of my process on this forum (towards the bottom of the page). Big thanks also to Robert Thomas who helped me make the album available on the RjDj Network.

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